Quality Eye Care for a Middle East Patient By Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai Brought Her clear vision.

Quality Eye Care for a Middle East Patient by Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai brought her clear vision..pngHi, my name is Nisah Masih, I am from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. I have been born and brought up in this country, but when I had to take the health care services, I had to go a long way to avail the best eye care seeking the help of best eye surgeon in Mumbai. I am glad that I got my services done on the right time and it offered me the best of the quality eye care, otherwise I was passing through a bad phase though. Thanks to the best of the health care systems in place, India has emerged out as the best of the destination for the global patients. As time passed my conditions went down and it gave highly expensive solution back home that led me to search for an alternative and luckily it came in the form of India that has become the rich and the contented place for everyone. 

Of late, with huge advancements taking place in health care in India, there seems to be a surge in the flow of global patients from all across the world. Interestingly, I found Indian hospitals including the best eye surgery hospitals in India offering the best of the eye care services at extremely affordable cost. The combination of catering high quality with affordability has placed India at the top of the global map. I had several issues in my eye that had faded my vision leading to the eye surgery. During my research, I came in touch with a medical tourism company called Indian Health Guru Group, which is among the top medical consultant in the country helping global patients avail different health packages. I communicated with them sharing my medical reports and they were quick to revert with the affordable eye care package. I found the group promising that made me give my consent to them for their offered package.

My decision to choose the medical tourism package for eye surgery in India was out of comparison with other groups and the solutions rendered by them. I found the medical tourism group to be effective in terms of having the best eye surgery hospitals in India and best eye surgeons in the country in their network. So, I decided to fly and booked the tickets as I got my medical visa. All thanks to the group that helped me get the same. I soon reached Mumbai for the surgery and was picked up by a rep of the company. I and my hubby reached the hotel got settled down and started things to commence my treatment. I met the doctor the same day who happened to be the Best Eye Surgeon in Mumbai. I was so pleased to see the doctor as he made me very much comfortable.

With few tests, my doctor decided the surgery date for my eye and I soon was operated. It took a few hours to complete my surgery but it came out in flying colors. Thanks to the talented doctor and his team, they took the best of the care at the best facility hospital. Besides the surgery, the medical tourism company left no stone unturned to give some of the best of the eye care services that made me get rid of my problems once for all. I was given everything by the group, right from the best food, the local travel, the doctor’s appointments, the medical tests and many more things that I required during my stay in India for my eye surgery. I highly recommend Indian hospitals and doctors for any surgery or treatment. At least I had the best and I am obliged to the doctor and the medical tourism company that made all the difference in my life.

Nisah Masih,

Thank You.

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