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Strippers Can Become Millionaires Too…


Most people automatically think that if you work as an exotic dancer, you believe in the “day-to-day” concept. Meaning, you work only to survive each day with a roof over your head, food to eat, pay bills, etc. But, what people don’t understand is that a lot of the women in this profession actually do have aspirations and are working towards them.

Exotic dancers at the top of their game are normally the females that have regular patrons and huge fan bases. The larger the popularity the easier it is obtain large amounts of cash through dancing. Some dancers even have the opportunity to make money elsewhere via video shoots as lead models, other small business ventures, and club appearances. With these type of opportunities to make money, the greater the chance they have to save.

In New Jersey, a 33 year old women by the name of Tara Mishra has been stripping since she was 18 years old.  Recently,  two of her friends were pulled over by Nebraska police for speeding. During this routine stop, the Nebraska police confiscating $1 million in cash that Mishra owned.  The police believe the money to be drug related. However, an U.S. District judge later ruled that the money was legitimately owned by Ms. Mishra and should be returned.  There was no substantial connection between the money and a drug ring.  The amount of $1,074,000 was ordered to be returned to Mishra via cash or check. (Source)

Mishra explained that she had been saving  up this money for years. This was her way out of the stripping business. And that the money was in the process of being used toward a new club she and the two friends were in the process of buying.

This story is a prime example of what people are capable of accomplishing if they set their minds to it.  Mishra wanted more out of life and her career. The money she was able to save is placing her in a new place in life – one that she can enjoy and be proud of.

Ladies, always use certain opportunities as stepping stones to something bigger and better. We all have the ability to become millionaires. It just depends on what actions you take to get there.